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UPGM on FOX-6 '"Wakeup News", March 17, 2021

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UPGM on FOX-6 '"Wakeup News", February 16, 2024


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UPGM on FOX-6 '"Wakeup News", March 3, 2020















UPGM on WTMJ's '"The Morning Blend", March 1, 2019

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2019 Volunteer of the Year: Lori Dallman

Belfast UP Coordinator Fr. John Forsythe receiving the 2020 award in 2022 from longtime Board Member Jim Gillespie.


The Ulster Project Volunteer of the Year Award is given annually to a volunteer who has given significant time and talent to support the goals of the project.

Volunteers are the backbone of the Project!

We thank all who have given so much time and effort to ensure that UPGM remains an excellent and valuable experience for our youth.

Lori Dallman (2019)

Karen and Fred Rondinelli (2018)

Phil and Anne Callen (2017)

Kathy Lemke (2016)

Mike and Donna Brady (2015)

Gael Cullen (2014)
Lisa Mihlbauer (2013)
Betsey Caron and Deb Dwyer (2012)
Marge Regan and Jane Fitzgibbons (2011)
Patrick Meloy (2010)
Lee Horlowitz and Mike McCormack (2009)
Gerry Harmon and Ellen Croke Harmon (2008)
Mike and Julie Toepfer (2007)

John and Mary Fisher (2006)

The Reverend Canon Kerry Waterstone Ulster Project Peace and Justice Award is given annually to an alumnus who has demonstrated a commitment to peace and justice in his or her community. They educate and encourage others to live as peacemakers and mediators, are leaders in promoting reconciliation or correcting injustices, and epitomizes the belief that individuals acting together can bring about real peace in our world.

Fr. John Forsythe, Belfast UK (2020-22)

Trinity Episcopal Church (2019)

Patrick McElwee (2016)

Lizzie Siewert (2015)

Andrew Pauly (2014)
Kelly O’Keefe Boettcher (2013)
Seamus Regan (2012)

Patrick Meloy (2010)

Patrick Russell and Hannah Brown (2009)
America’s Black Holocaust Museum, Corrymeela Community, and Invisible Children (2008)
Peter Toepfer (2007)
Kathleen Cullen and Kate McCormack (2006)


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