Congratulations UPGM 2019 Teens and Families!

The 40th Year of Ulster Project Milwaukee has come to a close-

A joyous month full of Discovery, Activities and Leadership!

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2019 Ulster Project International Conference is in MILWAUKEE!
August 17 - 21
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The Need Remains...

In today’s global political climate, the discussion of peace and justice has never been more important or timely.  Since the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, Northern Ireland has certainly become a country safer from the terrorism experienced during the Troubles.  But, some of the deep social problems and political consequences still remain. And at the same time, as our world gets more connected, we become more aware and effected by violence, racism, and injustice.  Continued work and focus are absolutely necessary to increase understanding at the grass roots level.

Since 1979, The Ulster Project of Greater Milwaukee has been a collaborative effort between Northern Ireland and the United States to bring teens ages 14 to 16 together to promote trust, respect, tolerance and understanding among future leaders from different faith traditions.

The Project, now heading into our 40th year, takes place from the end of June to the end of July. Twelve Catholic and Protestant teens and two counselors from Belfast are matched with twelve teens and 2 counselors here in the Milwaukee area for a month of activities.

If this sounds like something that you or your family would enjoy, we’d love to talk with you. There are many ways for you to get involved, whether it is as a host family, committee member, donor, or a community supporter.

Let's talk!

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